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Rie Takahashi

 Jazz Singer











『富士通テン賞』を受賞、2009年には『準グランプリ』を受賞。2013年11月、さいたま新都心JAZZ VOCAL CONTESTでグランプリを受賞し、関西のみならず東京での活動も注目されている。


コンテストでグランプリを獲得し、9月には夢の一つである全米最大級のJazz Alleyで単独公演しました。






Rie Takahashi


Born and raised in Kobe, Japan.

Rie grew up influenced by her mother who used to listen to British and American music and by her father who used to be a magician. She started on a Hammond organ at the age of 7 and developed music sensibility and rhythm. 

She made her professional jazz vocalist debut in 2007 and performed live on NHK television in June. She received the "Fujitsuten Award" at the Kobe Jazz Vocal Queen Contest in 2008 and she was the runner-up in 2009. Rie is a regular live performer at the SONE, which is famous as a flourishing established jazz club in Kobe and has become one of the most popular performers in Kansai. 
She won the Top Prize at the Saitama Shintoshin Jazz Vocal Contest in Nov. 2013.  So she will continue her successful career not only Kansai but also in Tokyo. She finally bacame the winner as the 15th Kobe Shinkaichi Jazz Vocal Queen in May 2014.
She had her own show at Jazz Alley in Seattle on

Sep. 15th ,which is one of the biggest club in the US.

She studied under the pianist Toshio Takahashi.
Rie hopes to perform internationally in the near future.

She received the Certificate of Completion and is qualified as an official Jazz Chants instructor as recognized by its founder, Carolyn Graham. Jazz Chants is widely recognized as the most useful way to master spoken American English pronunciation, intonation, stress and rhythm.
Rie  is the only qualified instructor in Japan who is teaching as a Jazz Chants & Vocals using her own unique methods.

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